Mersene's Story

Growing up in the south, I was constantly surrounded by rich traditions of hospitality. My mother instilled in me from a very young age that it was the little things that mattered. The things that come from the heart. Whether it be writing a special note in your child's lunchbox or creating a dinner setting that welcomes family and guests, it's these small moments that really create meaningful memories.

I spent the majority of my adult life traveling around the globe. rom the dusty roads in Indonesia, to the Night Markets in Thailand, to the luxurious windows of Goto Florists in Roppongi, Tokyo... I developed a passion for discovering the most unique pieces and making them my own.

Fast-forward to the present...

When my children left for college, I felt like there was a huge void in my life. After many restless nights, I decided that this void was actually an opportunity. An opportunity to inspire others to create a beautiful home, a beautiful wardrobe, a beautiful life.

I turned my passion into a business - The Indulge by Mersene Shop.  

At the Indulge Shop, there is something for everyone. I wanted all of the items to not only be beautiful, but to be useful and functional. Things that can be used and reused, time and time again. Essentially, my vision was to create a space that's filled with the most unique, special finds... Not only for your home, but for yourself. And, most importantly, for others. At Indulge by Mersene, we specialize in accessories (for your home or for yourself). We specialize in presentation (the art of arranging a tablescape or designing an inviting entryway). And most importantly, we specialize in the art of gift-giving. We use these ever-changing, unique finds to create personalized, luxurious gift baskets.

We hope you come visit... Or stay here a while...