Inspiration Monday (Let It Snow)

Little Red
brave enough to dream

Hey there snow bunnies!

In light of the blizzard that's heading our way, I thought it would be appropriate for this week's Inspiration Monday Post to be all about winter. This cold weather sure can throw a wrench in plans (I've had to reschedule a photo shoot three times now), but it's also magical. Don't forget about the beautiful winter animals and fairy tales and icicles. And most importantly, don't forget to dream.

And try to enjoy the snow storm. Before you know it, flowers will be sprouting from the ground and it will be spring. And then it will be ninety degrees out and we'll all be complaining and miss the refreshing snow. 

Stay Safe

A snowy day


On this snowy Saturday in January, I'm building a snowman with my son. A burlap snowman to be exact. With a burlap hat and burlap scarf and cranberry smile. It's moments like these that I treasure. I hope you're creating memories today like I am.

And don't forget, you're never too old to build a snowman.


Halloween is in the air


Hey y'all! 

Halloween is definitely in the air tonight.... In just a few more hours it will be one of the most magical holidays of the year.

We still have a few items left from our Halloween Sale. So if you're in need of a last minute festive accessory, please stop by tomorrow morning... before it's too late.  We also have pumpkins and various decorations. 

How beautiful are these Venetian masks (shown above)? During my trip to Italy, I actually stopped in Venice and just had to buy these exquisite masquerade masks for the shop. I just love discovering unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind and finding the perfect owner for them... Maybe that owner is you?

Have a magical evening everyone!



Inspiration Monday (Happy Halloween)

glitter leaves.jpg
be careful who you pretend to be quote.jpg
hanging ghosts.jpg
glitter pumpkins.jpg
she who leaves a trail of glitter quote.jpg
dream big quote.jpg

Hey there ghosts and goblins! 

It's the start to Halloween week... so we thought we'd kick it off with a Halloween -Themed Inspiration Monday post. This is such a fun, magical week... even if you're an adult with children that have long since graduated college. 

It's the one time where you can dress up and be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. And what's more fun than seeing all those smiling children walking around collecting candy?  

So bring out your inner-child and carve a few pumpkins, string up some ghosts, and put on a costume (if just for a night). 


Trick or treat!



Makeup on the mind

mersene getting her makeup done.jpg
Kevyn Aucoin.jpeg

Hey loves! 

We are so excited to be carrying the most luxurious makeup line in the shop: Kevyn Aucoin. As many of you know, this artistic genius passed in 2002, but the makeup legend lives on through these gorgeous products. 

I know this because our fabulous and very talented make-up artist, Jamie Adams, has been applying these products to my face left and right. And I can both see and feel the difference. Just check out the picture above to see how great they make my skin look! 

We are also offering Makeup Sessions by appointment only. It's $45 for a single session and you are not obligated to buy anything (although you probably won't be able to resist!) and you'll receive your very own consultation, application, and makeup chart (so you'll never forget which products go where). Just give us a call to set up an appointment or pop on in the shop to browse our products.

And, if you have a budding glamorista in the family, we can also create a customized gift basket with these items as a holiday present. 


Here's to looking your best!

Introducing...The Centerpiece Basket

hat box.jpg
The Centerpiece Basket.jpg

Hey y'all!

We are so excited to be introducing our first Luxury Basket of the Fall Winter 2013 Season...

The Centerpiece Basket

We've been spending the past month at the shop really trying to figure out the best way to make your holiday season festive, fun, and hassle-free. After mulling over a bunch of different ideas, we think we might have created the perfect gift.... Only this is a different kind of gift.... A gift to yourself. 

The Centerpiece Basket  is, quite literally, your holiday centerpiece in one gorgeous package. This luxurious arrangement is filled with everything you need to create a fabulous, festive tablescape.

Rustic Burlap Runner? Check

Large, three-wick candle? Check

Glass votives? Check

Our signature Peace Dove? Check

Pinecones? Cinnamon sticks? Greenery? Check. Check. Check.  

So all those holiday dinners you have coming up over the next few months? You know the ones we're talking about...  The ones where you're trying to create a warm, cozy, magical atmosphere for friends and family while making it seem totally and utterly effortless... Well, now these dinners actually can be effortless. Except for the cooking part. (Trust me, if we could create a Thanksgiving Dinner Basket, we would). 

And the best part? All you have to do to is visit our Digital Shop... And with the push of a button, The Centerpiece Basket will arrive at your doorstep in approximately 5-10 business days (Instruction Scroll and all). 

For more of my whereabouts and happenings at the shop, be sure to stop by the Blog later this week... Much more to come. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!



 P.S. If you want to see me and The Centerpiece Basket on Fox5 Connecticut, just click here


Want to have a carefree holiday season? Check out our Ready-Made-Luxury-Basket Line

Mersene Gift-Wrapping.jpg
hat box.jpg

Hey y'all! 

We have been busy bees over here at the Indulge shop. The holiday season is fast approaching.... before you know it, it will be





New Years.

Valentine's Day

(And don't forget about miscellaneous birthdays sprinkled in) 

I just love this time of year. Fall is such a fun season, don't you think?

But it can also be a bit stressful... so much decorating to do... and gifts to give. Sometimes the hassle of getting it all together outweighs the fun. Which is exactly what we don't want to happen. We want you to enjoy this time of year... Which is why we've devised a simple, carefree, fabulous way to give gifts...

So take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte and read on.

We are about to launch a line of Ready-Made-Luxury-Baskets as a part of our Digital Shop. So not only will you be able to give fabulous gifts to all your friends and family, you'll be able to do it with the click of a button! 

The best part?

This line of Luxury Gift Baskets will be launching this coming weekend.... So if you want to get a head start on care-free gift-giving, you can. 

I don't know about you, but we're ready to celebrate!  




One last hug....

one last hug.jpg

One last hug for Argos and Milos before we launch our busy fall and winter gift giving season!

Please call us and let us know how we may be of service to you for any gifts,  baskets, table top design and other seasonal party ideas.




a little taste

a little taste.jpg
another little taste.jpg

a preview of the Indulge Shop


As you can see, this is meant to be a small taste of our expansive, beautiful Indulge Shop. We are now open.... So you'll just have to stop by to see more....  

The transformation is truly astounding. 


P.S. If you can't stop by we'll be posting more revealing photos later this week... You didn't really think we'd leave y'all hanging, did you?