Introducing...The Centerpiece Basket

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Hey y'all!

We are so excited to be introducing our first Luxury Basket of the Fall Winter 2013 Season...

The Centerpiece Basket

We've been spending the past month at the shop really trying to figure out the best way to make your holiday season festive, fun, and hassle-free. After mulling over a bunch of different ideas, we think we might have created the perfect gift.... Only this is a different kind of gift.... A gift to yourself. 

The Centerpiece Basket  is, quite literally, your holiday centerpiece in one gorgeous package. This luxurious arrangement is filled with everything you need to create a fabulous, festive tablescape.

Rustic Burlap Runner? Check

Large, three-wick candle? Check

Glass votives? Check

Our signature Peace Dove? Check

Pinecones? Cinnamon sticks? Greenery? Check. Check. Check.  

So all those holiday dinners you have coming up over the next few months? You know the ones we're talking about...  The ones where you're trying to create a warm, cozy, magical atmosphere for friends and family while making it seem totally and utterly effortless... Well, now these dinners actually can be effortless. Except for the cooking part. (Trust me, if we could create a Thanksgiving Dinner Basket, we would). 

And the best part? All you have to do to is visit our Digital Shop... And with the push of a button, The Centerpiece Basket will arrive at your doorstep in approximately 5-10 business days (Instruction Scroll and all). 

For more of my whereabouts and happenings at the shop, be sure to stop by the Blog later this week... Much more to come. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!



 P.S. If you want to see me and The Centerpiece Basket on Fox5 Connecticut, just click here