we love (pinterest)

pinterest horse.jpg

Just came across this pin on Pinterest. If you’ve never been on Pinterest, you have got to try it! It’s this great site where you can create virtual pin boards of all your favorite images. No more cutting out clips from magazines and then losing them all! And you can look at everyone else’s pin boards too! This particular pin of a horse is from an entire board filled with images of the most precious animals.  Just look at all of those sweet little creatures? Aren’t they just darling? Click here to visit.

Pinterest is not only beautiful, but it’s also very useful! Let’s say you’re planning a Wedding, you can literally create an entire pin board of just Wedding Ideas (like this one). And it will be saved in your pin boards as a reference point. So you can collect possible bouquet arrangements, tablescapes, dress ideas, etc. And it’s fun!

The only problem is that it can be slightly addictive and you might spend hours just pinning away!

Hope y’all are having the most wonderful of Friday! And a wonderful weekend to follow!


P.S. To take a look at my pin boards, just click here.