Things that make my heart smile (My Mom)


Growing up we were taught it doesn't matter how much is spent on a gift, it's more about the heart that goes into it...


Over the years there have been so many fond memories of growing up in the south (and relating to My Big Fat Greek Wedding in so many ways). Memories that are both embarrassing and wonderful.

My mom was that firey southern greek woman that would send you into a tailspin.... when she finished with you it felt like a tornado had ripped through the room!

I was blessed to have my precious mom on this earth for only 20 years and then she became my guardian angel. The impact that she left was profound. And I still look up to her and say thank you every day. I was so blessed to have her in my life and still count those blessing. You were one of a kinda mama and now I understand all the lessons that I questioned growing up. I have now passed those lessons on to my children and pray that they know their Yaya (grandmother in greek) through my eyes....Some of those special lessons I still live by today. 

Like this one:

It doesn't matter how much is spent on a gift. It's more about the heart that goes into it.

A special treat when I was a child was getting a tray of breakfast in bed with a small token of love (flowers from the yard in a small vase or a beautiful note from the heart). I have been treated by my two beautiful children to breakfast in bed for special occasions and often think of the time my brother and I served my mom a tray as young children.

She always retold that story to others, saying...

"By the time they got the tray to me there was no coffee left in the cup. It was all over the tray! But I drank it out of the saucer and it was the best coffee I ever had in my life!"

It truly is the thought that counts.

Even to this day, the gifts my children have given me over the years are framed all over the house. Not because they're expensive or even particularly useful, but because they were given with love. Those poems, drawings, letters...

Now that they are away at college I go back and read all of their little presents to me and boy does my heart smile.

And I look up and say, thank you mama... Those were the little things that you told me about that are so important. And while I miss you greatly. You will always live on in my heart. And the thought of you will make it smile.

Love Always,

P.S. This post will be part of a series (Things that make my heart smile) in which I reminisce over all the wonderful things I have been blessed with in this life. Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder to appreciate those things.