hello spring

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Hey y'all!

It finally feels like Spring outside... It's sunny! It's warm-ish! And there's not a snowflake in site! (I guess the weatherman was wrong when he predicted that storm)

And this nice weather is so refreshing...

Had a bit of a bumpy week last week... Things don't always go as we plan or hope they will; that's part of life.

I always told that to my children.... Sometimes, we don't understand why we are going through trials and tribulations while we are going through them, but everything will work out just the way it's supposed to and there is a reason not always clear to us......

Luckily, after my tough week, my daughter came home from school this past weekend to have some one-on-one mom time ....That meant the world to me just seeing her smiling face and sharing ....I was thinking back to those words of wisdom from my precious mom,

"If I am not here to remind you... remember this... lay the most solid foundation down for your children. Be there every opportunity you can. And love love love...... You only have a short time with them before they fly......"  

So thankful for who they are and the mom that I had....

Happy Spring everyone!