idea three for mother's day... a mother's day brunch


Hey loves!

The third idea for mother's day is to create A Mother's Day Brunch. Brunch is one of my favorite meals. And I think A Mother's Day Brunch might just be my favorite idea so far for mother's day. It's simple and elegant. Plus, to be totally honest, sometimes doing a dinner is just more trouble than it's worth. If you do a brunch, you get to spend time with family when everyone's energized and fresh.

So... to create this fabulous Mother's Day Brunch, just do the following....

iced coffees.jpg
  1. Set up and iced coffee tray. Everyone needs a little caffeine in the morning!
  2. Create a Cereal Breakfast Bar where guests can serve themselves.
  3. Serve something warm and sweet... like this heart shaped french toast.
  4. Serve something light and fresh.... like these gorgeous papaya boats.
  5. Just throw some burlap linens on the table and call it a day!
A full cereal breakfast bar.jpg
cereal breakfast bar.jpg
cereal breakfast bowl.jpg
heart shaped french toast.jpg

Don't worry! If you need help decorating and planning, just stop by the shop and we'll be happy to lend a hand.

We have tons of burlap runners, burlap dishtowels, galvanized metal trays, etc. We even have hand-stamped burlap dish towels...

Or just stop by because we'd love to say hi!

I'm going to go eat a Papaya Boat now.... (just kidding, but don't these look delicious?)


papaya breakfast boats.jpg