countdown to mother's day

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Hey there!

Hope everyone's week has been fabulous so far! As you know, Mother's Day is fast approaching. It's May 12th to be exact, which is in approximately 8 days from now. So we are going to be spending the next week devoted to helping y'all prepare for this happy holiday!

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First off, I wanted to share with everyone that we will be offering fresh flowers in the shop, available for pre-order, for this specific holiday. So... If you already know you want to gift a beautiful flower arrangement to your sister or mother.... please feel free to call the shop or stop by! You tell us your price point, we'll make sure the flowers are available for pickup when you want! (Alternatively, if you want your husband to buy you fresh flowers... feel free to email him this post and hopefully he should get the hint). 

Mother's Day is always such a fun day. It's finally warm outside. We get to spend time with our loved ones. And just take a day to really enjoy being a mom (or a daughter, or cherishing the mothers in our lives). It's my goal to make it as fun and seamless as possible...

So this week we'll be sharing recipes, tablescapes, and gift ideas. Hope y'all check in and please let us know if there's an area you'd like to know about that we're not touching upon...

Hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend!