idea one for mother's day... a mother's day clambake

Mother's Day Clambake.jpg
Linguini in Clam Sauce.jpg

Hey, hey!

So as promised, this week is Countdown to Mother's Day. Every day we'll feature a new creative way to celebrate this very special day.

Today's idea is to create a Mother's Day Clambake!

We live in New England after all. And a Clambake can be such a fun, festive way to celebrate.

cute lobster decor.jpg

It's also super easy to put together. All you need is some burlap (my favorite), some crab / lobster themed accessories (like the wine satchels on the right). And don't forget the food of course!

Check out the menu below if you're stuck on ideas.... Think anything seafood related. Really anything. And you can even buy it all pre-made if you don't feel like preparing and just dump everything in big serving bowls and people can serve themselves. Big bowls of steamers, mussels, lobster....Yum!

Clambake Menu.jpg

This is also a really fun idea if there are tons of kids present as they love looking at all the sea themed decorations!

Sooooo..... if you need any help putting this together or just love the whole New England, nautical, beachy look....we have tons of items in the shop (including burlap runners, crab and lobster dish towels, crab and lobster bottle openers, gorgeous nautical serving platters, just tons of cool items) and we'd love to help you put this together. So please, please, please  don't hesitate to stop by or gives us a call if you need help with any planning or tablescaping. 

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!


hand and footprint lobster.jpg

P.S. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can have the kids create these "hand and footprint lobsters". How cute are these y'all? (You can even show this post to your husband and have him figure it out with the little ones.... Such a cute memorable gift to display in a picture frame.... Especially with summer coming up.... Could even be cute for Father's Day).