going to the city... accessory show at the javits center

going to the city..jpg

Hey y'all!

So I just wanted to fill everyone in on the exciting new direction the Indulge shop is taking. As most of you know, we are about to expand into the shop next door. Finally! Fingers crossed this all goes smoothly. And because we'll now be double the size, we've expanded some of our product lines.

Last month, I took an exciting trip into the city (Yes! That's me at grand central station in the photos above). The sole purpose of this trip was to buy all sorts of fabulous products for the new and improved Indulge Shop. Don't worry! We'll be filling this new space with the same types of items.... There's still going to be a ton of luxury gift baskets, home decor, and fashion accessories.

However, we'll also be carrying a lot more high end jewelry from fabulous designers across the U.S. and some basic fashion items (think black tunics, flowy white tops, etc), So our fashion lines have expanded a bit. And so have our home decor items. The new larger shop allows us the opportunity to really bring you what you've been craving.... Items to create a beautiful life. 

Stay tuned.... 

And be sure to check posts over the next week as we'll be posting about several of the new items that have arrived. And several of the changes we're making at the shop (my daughter is now working here!) 

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. And don't forget tomorrow is father's day! (If you need a last minute basket today, please stop by or give us a call... (203) 557-9410).