Allison Walmark (guest at 2014 AUTISM SPEAKS fundraiser) 

Mersene’s holiday creation wasn't just a tree; it was an absolute work of art... Elegant, beautiful and magical. Every branch, every orchid, every dove, every light, every bow… down to the smallest branch was so well-conceived. You could stare at the tree for hours, become mesmerized, and see something new each time.

Needless to say, I wanted the tree in my home. So… doing what any self-respecting Westport woman would do — I purchased enough raffle tickets to skew the odds of winning in my favor. (And, probably could have fed a small nation in the process.) To my absolute delight, my family won, although the money all went to charity, so we were automatic winners whether we went home with the tree, or not!


kerri gruninger (customer)

Dearest Mersene,

Where do I begin when thank you seems so inadequate? I walked into your amazing store over 2 years ago. It was filled with beautiful and thoughtful gifts and then you spoke and I felt like I returned down south. You bring people into your world and touch their hearts and I am blessed to be in your world! You have a huge heart and brain that are filled with love and creativity!

I am overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness in each gift you gave me. It was like you stepped into my size 10 shoes and worked your magic. I will cherish and enjoy my gifts. Don't ever stop being you and creating!


Nora m. gomez (general manager at the westport inn)


I want to thank you for making our hotel look beautiful during the holidays.  We received tons of complements... but the most fantastic one was from our corporate officer who happened to visit us.  They could not stop saying enough great things about how our hotel was staged. You are a pleasure to work with and will look forward to more amazing work done by you in the future. Thank you very much for everything!


This place is GREAT!!  Eclectic, fun, interesting-- everywhere you look is something new to see!  Love, Love, Love!!


This is the most wonderful store filled with so many unusual and beautiful things, from nightshirts and trays to teacups and food items.